Hi I'm Amanda! About Me

Hi! I'm Amanda!

 I’m the crazy voice and mind behind the page. My purpose for you here is simple: To help create projects and throw parties that make Memories! I am here to take the overwhelm out of the pursuit to live a crafty life of purpose, even for those who think it’s impossible! I’m the mother of totally opposite, amazingly charismatic, twin 8-year-old boys. I’m a Virgo, a list maker, a perfectionist, and you can learn more here.

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Make Time to Make Stuff

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Go from Craft Mess Express, to Cool, Calm, and Crafty.

If you're struggling to find enough time in the day to get down and crafty, this craft project planner is exactly what you need to get on the road to crafting again!

How many PHD’s do you have (Projects Half Done)?

Sick of losing motivation halfway through that awesome DIY, only to never be touched again? Don’t worry, my 5 day Craft Challenge can help with that!

In this 5 Day Craft Project challenge, I will:

  • Walk you through from beginning to end of the craft process step-by-step.
  • Break it down so that not only do you not lose motivation, but you can’t wait until the next day to come back to it.


  • Teach you the most common reasons that people don’t actually finish what they’ve started.
  • Take you from Craft Mess Express, to Cool, Calm, and Crafty.

Each day I will walk you through another step to completing a project. And, by the end of the challenge, you’ll have taken that project idea from Pinterest to Completion!

Are you ready?